Crisis helpline Volunteer

General Information
Contact volunteers must be 18 years old at the time of application. Do you meet this criteria?
Skills and Interests
Have you taken CONTACT or Crisis Intervention training in the past?
Have you ever been convicted of a crime in any state or country?
Commitment (must choose one)
Do you consent to a criminal background check?
Do you have a history of criminal charge(s)/arrest(s) you would like to make us aware of?
Please read the statements below carefully and acknowledge acceptance by signing and dating. • I declare the information in this application to be true. I understand that a lack of truth may result in immediate dismissal from the training program/volunteer position. If my dishonesty results in harm to the agency or people, I understand that I could be legally responsible for damages caused. • I am committed to attendance and participation in the training program interested in. • If at any point in time it is determined by myself or the agency that this is not a good fit, I understand that I can withdraw or be dismissed from training or my volunteer position.